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Associate Program

What is the Associated Program?

A highly selective early development program in the world’s largest insurance of property and casualty and the global leading insurer of professional lines to attract, develop and retain young talent as insurance professionals to fill future key positions and live an international experience of 12 months of formal training and on job training.

What are the requirements to participate?

  • Bachelor’s degree or Master in Engineering, Law, Economics, Administration and Actuary.

  • Results oriented, with a mix of commercial and technical profile.

  • Maximum of 2 years of work experience or non-experience to external candidates.

  • Bilingual: English - Spanish and/or Portuguese (English is a most).

  • Preferably with multicultural experience (study or internship abroad).

  • Be interested to start an international and open to career mobility.

  • Learning agility, be flexible to changing environments.

  • Self- motivated to search for their own development and to "do more"