Documents required for marine insurance claims:

  • Copy of insurance policy and/or marine risk note
  • Written notice of claim to the broker or Chubb Insurance Philippines, stating detailed circumstances of the loss and computation of claimed amount
  • Original or duplicate copy of bill of lading
  • Original or duplicate copy of commercial invoice
  • Original or duplicate copy of packing list
  • Receipted copy of claims against negligent bailees
  • Discharging tally sheets
  • Delivery receipts
  • Warehouse receiving report
  • Stripping report (for containerized shipments)
  • Survey report (if any)

Additional requirements apply for loss or damage due to the following:

Damaged cargoes (e.g., denting, scratching)

  • Equipment interchange report
  • Bad order certificate

Missing/short delivery

  • Short-landed certificate
  • Equipment interchange report
  • Loading survey report


  • Equipment interchange report
  • Laboratory analysis report

Vehicular accident/robbery/hijacking

  • Police report completed within 24 hours of the time of the incident
  • O.R. and C.R. of truck conveyor
  • Driver’s license and O.R.
  • Statements of driver and helper
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