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Now that many of us are working from home (WFH), are you feeling isolated from your colleagues and missing your daily interactions? Here are 5 tips to continue your interactions and make work from home fun!

  1. Show & Tell 

  • Showcase your Workspace – After you have settled on your workspace, decorate it if you have the space and compete on who has the cleanest or messiest desk!


The cleanest workspace. 

  • Introduce your new co-workers. They can be your loved ones or your pet. Bring them to your online meeting with your colleagues!


This co-worker sleeps on the job!

  •  WFH Cribs – Show your teammates a room in your house you spend the most time in!
  • Breaks – share the breaks that you have been taking e.g. enjoying a vision break by looking out from your balcony or your rooftop.

    2.  Get Creative

  • Have a theme – Get creative with your meetings by having a theme e.g. Mad Hatters Day
  • Pantry chats – Have a separate WhatsApp group / Microsoft Teams chat where people can come on to just chat about anything! Just like how you would if you bump into each other in the office!
  • Play a game e.g. organize a team call, have a drink and have each colleague share three things about oneself, of which two are real and one is false. The others will then make a guess on which one is false.                 

      3. Fashionistas          

  • Dress up for your meetings! Your team could have a common theme, e.g., Polka dots, something yellow, sunglasses – use your imagination!

Steve Crouch, Chubb’s Country President in Malaysia, is all dressed up in something yellow for his team meeting.

  •  Holiday Dress Up – With travelling restricted, we can at least dress like we’re on a holiday, right? Beachwear for a beach holiday?

   4.  Let’s Eat/Drink        

  • Continue having team lunches together by eating together over lunchtime!
  • Have a lunch competition on who can make the fanciest/healthiest lunch to bring to the meeting. Get your colleagues drooling over your food.
  • Schedule a Happy Hour and drink a toast to the week. Work from Home is different, but it can be fun with a cold drink.

   5.  Let’s Celebrate            

  • Birthday celebrations don’t have to stop. Deliver a birthday cake to the birthday girl/boy and celebrate!

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