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Luanna joined the Chubb team in May, overseeing all NZ Claims operations. We sat down with her to talk about the role so far, and what she has in store for the future.


Luanna Philippe, NZ Claims Manager

Luanna, you have been at Chubb for 4 months now, what have you discovered about Chubb that you didn’t already know?

The culture is great and it’s driven from the top. Chubb has a huge global presence, so it’s good to be able to pull resources and support from all over the world when it’s needed.

You recently re-located from Sydney to Auckland. What was the reason for the move?

I had my two kids in Sydney, and my husband and I decided it was time to bring them home to spend time closer to family and build a really strong bond with their grandparents. It sure helps that they love to babysit!

What was your role prior to joining Chubb?

Operations Manager for BT Financial Group, part of the wider Westpac Group. I owned the sales practices and designed coaching for phone based financial advisors. There were lots of changes because of the Royal Commission enquiries, which was a great challenge. Prior to that, I held a number of NZ Insurance roles going back to 2000.

What would you say has been your career highlight?

I loved my first Claims Manager role which I took on in 2011. I inherited a team with a lot of potential and a lot going on after the earthquakes. It was a huge challenge for me and I like to think the things I achieved while doing that role laid the foundations for what I’m passionate about now. Having been in insurance for a number of years, I think I finally realised what insurance is all about... claims!

What attracted you to the position of NZ Claims Manager at Chubb?

Running an efficient and effective claims team feels like something I can really give back to the industry and our clients and brokers. I feel as though working for a company like Chubb can help shift consumer mindsets about insurers, by fairly paying claims.

What would you like to see the NZ Claims team achieve in the next 12 months?

My priorities lie in getting our resources right, building capability and improving the quality of decisions we’re making. People, process and quality all the way.

What is something you have seen from Chubb in other countries, that you think you can learn from or adopt in NZ?

I’ve seen some amazing technology starting to become available, I can’t wait to get this into our NZ processes!

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