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Announcing the Chubb Life Support Person of the Year


1 May 2023

We’re delighted to congratulate the winners of the Chubb Life Support Person of the Year. See who’s taken out our top awards and why their contribution is instrumental to good customer outcomes.


1st Place | Sarouen Costa from Thrive Financial nominated by Kris Towgood

“Being teachable, creating a great experience, demonstrating empathy and challenging the norm is some of her best traits. Recently Sarouen stepped up to become our Business Practice Manager, taking on the responsibility of leading all of Thrive’s support team members, as well as still dealing with our clients on the new business and client service level. Sarouen has developed business processes that have, without doubt helped the success of our Advisers. Without Sarouen in our business, we simply would not have been able to progress to where we are currently.”

Sarouen wins a $1000 Air New Zealand travel voucher.


2nd Place | Sarah Galvin from Financial Independence nominated by Charles Baxter

“Sarah’s exceptional work ethic and dedication to client satisfaction has impacted the success of my processes. Her level of support is invaluable, especially when it comes to group policies, where the needs and requirements of multiple clients must be considered. Sarah has been instrumental in assisting with onboarding clients. Her dedication to providing exceptional customer service is a major reason why clients continue to trust our team here at Financial Independence.”

Sarah wins a $500 Prezzy Card.


3rd Place | Nicky Duckmantan from Smiths Insurance and KiwiSaver nominated by Connor Gill

“Nicky goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients. She has a unique ability to think on her feet. She easily builds rapport with a wide range of clients from different demographics. Often at times when a client is making contact, it’s due to a grievance with premiums or claims. Nicky’s ability to build rapport allows the conversation to take a more constructive direction, rather than complaints. These attributes go a long way in helping Smiths to support our clients.”

Nicky wins a $300 Prezzy Card.


We’re delighted to congratulate the winners.

Thank you to all who participated. Let’s continue to celebrate everyone who contributes to providing New Zealanders access to the financial advice and protection they need.

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