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In order to ensure you are directed to the correct area as efficiently as possible please contact the correct department as indicated below.

General inquiries

Please find contact details below for broker or commercial customers.


Saila Tumanoff, Commercial Lines Manager
+358 40 754 28 27 |

Per Bengtsson, Head of Commercial Lines Nordic Countries
+46 73 429 77 21 |

Commercial Lines Underwriting service is provided from Sweden and Denmark.

Affinity & Partner cooperations

Please find contact details below for Afinity and Partner cooperations in the Nordics.

Natalia Neuvonen,  Head of Consumer Business, Nordics
+358 44 533 25 37 |



T: +358 (0) 9 6861 5115


Kristina Målarbo, Country Claims Manager Nordic Countries 

Vibeke Pelch, Claims Manager Commercial Lines Nordic Countries

Amir Tahami, Claims Manager Commercial Lines Sweden

Business Travel

Property and Technical Lines

Amir Tahami, Claims Manager Commercial Lines Sweden


Victor Grahm, Senior Claims Adjuster 

Vanessa Babington-Monegard, Claims Adjuster

Financial Lines

Amir Tahami, Claims Manager Commercial Lines Sweden

Vanessa Babington-Monegard, Claims Adjuster


Amir Tahami, Claims Manager Commercial Lines Sweden

Sellers Liability for broker contact

Catherine Engelbrekts, Senior Claims Adjuster

Sellers Liability for client and claimant contact

Karin Lollke, Claims Administrator

Claims Administration

Frank Tredal, Claims Administrator 
Karin Lollke, Claims Administrator 
Kristine Moe, Claims Administrator
Maxine Eden, Claims Administrator