Claims: Property

Claims: Property


From small value losses to catastrophic events, property claims can put a strain on resources and significantly impact an organisation’s day-to-day operations. At Chubb, our aim is to expedite the claims handling process so that your business gets back to normal as soon as possible.

With recognised industry-leading experts on our team, you can expect a high level of technical expertise, flexible solutions and a client-focused approach, from the moment a loss is reported all the way through to conclusion.


The Right Expertise at the Right Time
Chubb employs some of the most experienced property claims handlers in the insurance industry, combining this resource with an extensive, high-calibre external network. Whatever the specialism required – loss adjusters, forensic experts or engineers – our experts can be mobilised quickly, wherever in the world the loss occurs.

Appropriate Solutions
Larger, more complicated losses are handled by our London-based executive claims adjusters. This team is highly experienced in handling claims requiring greater specialism and dedication. Whether it’s attending the loss in person or appointing the most appropriate experts, we have a proven track record of delivering the right results.

We also have a dedicated team handling lower value claims. By putting in place the right controls, we have been able to empower our people and streamline the requirement for documentation, achieving our prime objective of speedy settlement with minimum inconvenience to our clients.

Flexible, Pragmatic, Timely
At every stage of a claim, we aim to have an open dialogue with clients to seek a timely and optimal solution that works within the framework of the insurance cover. In the event of a loss, we ensure expectations are fully understood and proceed on the basis that we are all working towards the same goal of swift and equitable resolution.

Speed of Settlement
Prompt settlement of large and potentially catastrophic property claims can be the single factor that enables a client’s business to keep going. This is a key focus for Chubb following a loss. We use cash flow models and timely interim payments so clients can rest assured that funds are in place exactly when and where they’re needed.

Learning and Prevention
We provide a wide range of solutions, from policy coverage and post-loss debriefs to business continuity and supply chain management. We recognise the value of discussing potentially serious incidents before they occur so we work alongside our clients to implement preventative measures. Equally, every concluded claim represents an opportunity for learning. Feeding this information into future risk management and control can lead to a better risk profile for our clients and improved premium spend.