Claims: Environmental Risk

Claims: Environmental Impairment Liability - Effective And Immediate Response

Market-leading Experience

Environmental losses can severely disrupt a business and damage its reputation so Chubb provides a market-leading claims service designed to minimise the negative impact and help clients get back on track as soon as possible.

With laws on environmental liability and clean-up vary greatly around the world, it's comforting to know Chubb has both the global reach and expertise to respond effectively, wherever a loss occurs.


Rapid Response
Pollution damage can escalate within hours, so swift action is vital. The size and nature of the problem can determine the final outcome of a claim and how soon ‘business as usual’ can be resumed. Our specialist environmental claims team is contactable 24/7 and is empowered to act immediately a claim is notified. If necessary, someone will visit the site without delay, to support the client and identify priorities.

Co-ordination is key to an effective response, so Chubb's claims handlers advise clients on immediate containment actions and work with them to develop a plan for the days, weeks and months following an incident. They also mobilise experts and specialists such as environmental engineers, industrial chemists and biologists with the necessary clean-up equipment and expertise.

Timely Conclusion
Chubb has a strong reputation for reaching the earliest possible settlement of environmental claims. We adopt a creative approach, always with the client in mind. Once an incident has been contained and the clean-up begun, the priority is to help the client get back to normal and, wherever possible, avoid unnecessary litigation. We appreciate the need to keep clients’ businesses running and make swift decisions on interim payments.

Global Expertise
International awareness of environmental issues is growing and the legal landscape ever-changing. Significant differences still exist in regulations across the globe and the impact of an incident on a business will vary according to the local regulatory framework and the influence of governmental agencies.

Chubb has access to the legal and engineering expertise essential to navigate through these changing rules and responsibilities. We respond quickly across our worldwide network, offering local knowledge and tailored advice and action. We work with clients before, during and after a claim to improve the risk and prepare for future incidents.

Crisis Management
Pollution can affect diverse groups of people and businesses as well as landscapes, flora and fauna. Environmental agencies, local authorities and special interest groups may become involved, and media coverage can be damaging. Chubb places a strong emphasis on building constructive relationships with local environmental agencies to help our clients manage and contain crisis situations.

The Right Cover
Many environmental liabilities are not covered under conventional property or liability policies, so organisations are often unaware of the clean-up costs they would incur if such an incident occurred on their land. This is why Chubb offers standalone environmental impairment liability policies that cover damage to land and business interruption arising from a polluting event.