Claims: Liability

Claims: Liability - Delivering Positive Outcomes

Delivering Positive Outcomes

Whether the challenge is high-frequency low-value claims, or infrequent losses with a high-severity potential, we believe in providing claims solutions that deliver positive outcomes for our clients.

Chubb maintains a highly experienced liability claims team and provides an extensive range of services, all of which support exceptional delivery.

We believe in a culture of listening, openness and communication with our clients before, during and after a claim.


Understanding Your Business
We recognise the importance of brand protection and employee relations. We appreciate that, in handling liability claims, we act as the face of our clients to their employees and members of the general public. We ensure our specialist claims handlers understand each client’s business, culture and objectives. This enables us to operate in line with these values, while still focusing on achieving the best outcome.

Time Is Money
Chubb takes a proactive approach to resolving every liability claim as swiftly as possible. Experience has taught us that the longer the claim life cycle, the greater the indemnity spend – even a small claim has the potential to cost time and money. Our aim is to expedite the claims handling process so that we can produce measurable benefits.

By focusing on swift investigation and liability decisions, we can bring matters to a timely conclusion and deliver controlled indemnity outcomes. Wherever possible, we also pursue a solution that avoids unnecessary litigation.

Co-ordinated Expertise
Our expert claims handlers carry out desktop investigations where possible to facilitate timely resolution and cost control. Where more detailed liability enquiries are required, our in-house Claims Investigation Unit and panel of loss adjusters are available to respond rapidly with on-site inspections.

We have created an external network of high-calibre liability claims experts. Where clients have long-standing relationships with external service providers, we aim to be flexible and work effectively with a preferred supplier.

Making Rehabilitation Work
We believe in targeted rehabilitation applied at the appropriate point in the life cycle of a claim. We work with a specialist partner to provide the right solutions aimed at delivering tangible benefits, from reduced life cycles and indemnity spend, to improved employee relations and brand protection.

Improving Risk And Defensibility
From risk surveys and benchmarking to claims defensibility assessments and training packages, we partner with our clients to understand their loss history, reduce accidents and improve their risk profile.