Claims: Accident & Health

Outstanding Service


From catastrophes affecting numerous people to incidents involving an individual, accident and health claims are as broad as they are diverse. But regardless of its size, the person making the claim will be in a difficult, challenging and sometimes tragic situation.

We recognise that, while the financial value of an accident and health claim may be relatively small, the importance to the claimant is always high. Our job is to make each and every claim as stress-free and straightforward as possible, both for the individuals involved and for the policy holder.


A Passion For Service
Our in-house accident and health claims team is passionate about providing outstanding service to people in their hour of need. We provide exceptionally high levels of training so that our dedicated teams have expert understanding of the medical, legal, international and financial elements of a claim.

We understand that speedy solutions and timely settlement are of the essence. We acknowledge every claim within 24 hours of receipt of notification, providing details of how and where it will be handled. Staff are empowered to take immediate decisions and we ensure the claimant understands the next steps and what documentation is required.

We work with a network of high-quality assistance providers to ensure that claimants receive all the support they need, without delay. Our worldwide network of offices provides access to local experts and ensures the delivery of appropriate local solutions.

Your Staff, Your Customers
Handling accident and health claims demands a real understanding of, and empathy with, claimants. Situations can be distressing and can even involve loss of life, so we set out to reduce the trauma or discomfort of our clients’ employees or customers. We listen carefully to their needs and seek to provide the appropriate financial security and support services, in the short, medium and longer term. Throughout the process we liaise with our clients so that they remain fully informed.

We never forget that how we handle a claim directly affects our clients’ reputations. Sensitive to these commercial issues, we try to ensure the claims experience enhances the reputation of our client.

Putting Clients In Control
We work with human resources departments throughout the duration of a policy to ensure that claims are handled appropriately for their corporate culture. We establish how involved or informed our clients wish to be and deliver accordingly.

Additional Information

To ensure the matter is handled as promptly as possible, please provide the following details:

  • Your name / company name
  • The class of business to which the new claim relates
  • The Policy Number if you know it
  • Full contact details of the person within your company to whom enquiries relating to the claim should be directed
  • The country in which the loss occurred

You will receive a formal confirmation of receipt within two business days advising you of your claim number and the name of the Chubb employee handling your claim.