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Property Risk Engineering: Overview

Risk engineering is about identifying and quantifying the hazards companies are exposed to and assessing the likelihood of these hazards causing damage

Property Risk Engineering: Services

Chubb provides high standard service to fulfil the needs of each organisation we work with.

Our Approach To Risk Engineering

The primary aim of our risk engineering services is to help you to manage your risk. We encourage open communication and are happy to work to agreed standards. Our codes and standards are based on:

  • Comparisons of local and international risk management and loss prevention standards
  • Recent research data and actual loss histories
  • Insurance industry expectations

We employ a consultative approach with our clients as we understand that whilst loss improvements can be achieved for little or even no cost, there may be a need to budget for capital expense improvements. Often, short term solutions can be applied to reduce the level of risk to an acceptable level within the process of broader, long-term plans.

Our risk engineers possess the flexibility to apply engineering judgment in offering alternative solutions which meet your needs. We don’t dictate requirements. Instead, we will work with you to derive a solution that works for you. It’s important that both long-term objectives and immediate needs are considered, with decision-making based on sound engineering principles.