Property Risk Engineering Services

Property Risk Engineering: Services

Customised Programmes

We believe that delivering an effective loss prevention programme can only be fully achieved through understanding an organisation’s operations. That is why we appoint a dedicated risk engineer who centrally manages the engineering service for you. The engineer creates a bespoke service plan that outlines the expectations and objectives of the programme and details the joint approach between us. Specific customer requests are incorporated into the plan to ensure that the programme meets the organisation’s needs and will deliver positive results to the property loss prevention performance.

Stewardship Reporting

Regular reviews are carried out ensuring the programme, reports and procedures remain in harmony with your current risk management philosophy. In addition we are able to measure the level of success of a loss prevention programme through a stewardship report which consolidates inspection and servicing data.

AAA Analysis

Chubb’s AAA analysis is an in-depth property risk control service, looking at a wide range of management controls and protection facilities, evaluating and benchmarking your properties against fire and allied perils. It allows consistent and impartial performance evaluations to be undertaken and helps risk managers establish priorities. The AAA analysis is designed to increase risk management awareness and to identify potential exposures to property and business operations from fire and related perils.

The AAA property loss control report provides a rating system to summarise performance in each of 20 risk management categories. Ratings are applied to each category and can be used to benchmark risk management standards at an individual site, for comparative ranking between sites, and for comparison with others in your industry.The information can also be used to allocate premium within an insurance programme or to reduce deductibles.

Recommendations are listed where specific improvements are required to meet Chubb standards and/or individual company standards. The recommendations are prioritised according to level of urgency and cost to implement. These priorities can be used by risk managers for planning and budgeting purposes.

Self Assessment

Recognising that risk managers may prefer to carry out their own risk assessments we can provide a web-based objective self assessment tool with data consolidation for risk management analysis. It is particularly effective for large numbers of smaller locations e.g.: retail industry.

Specification, Plan Review And Acceptance Testing

A review service for any new construction or retro-fit. Our engineers can provide specifications for building layout, construction materials, automatic protection, etc. The drawings for the construction or retro-fit will be reviewed for compliance and subsequently followed up by a physical on-site review of the construction and installation.

Natural Catastrophe Exposure Mapping Evaluation

An evaluation using the latest catastrophe modelling tools. From this, we are able to evaluate the adequacy of protection of facilities and installations against natural catastrophic events for various regions around the world.

Supply Chain Risk Management

We can carry out an analysis identifying your exposure to a breakdown in your supply chain and the impact on your business of such a breakdown. A supply chain may be susceptible to interruption from a number of causes including natural catastrophe.