Property Risk Engineering Services

Property Risk Engineering: Overview

Risk engineering is about identifying and quantifying the hazards companies are exposed to and assessing the likelihood of these hazards causing damage. Our goal is to help you manage risk by creating long term property solutions to assure your success as a business owner.

How We Can Help You

We help you manage risk by creating solutions that combine with your business operations to identify and reduce or remove causes of loss and the impact on your balance sheet.

  • Build risk management awareness within your organisation
  • Assist risk managers in establishing priorities
  • Provide an easy to understand scoring system to help you identify key areas for improvement
  • Promote a risk management culture/improvement throughout the organisation
  • Allow comparisons across a large portfolio through a comparative rating system
  • Offer easy analysis for each location on a year-by-year basis and category of risk
  • Identify common problem areas that may exist

Global Engineering Network

Our risk engineering services in the UK & Ireland are part of the Chubb Global Property Risk Engineering team based in major cities around the world. The group is managed by regional managers who communicate and meet on a regular basis to ensure a high standard of service for our customers.

Risk Benchmarking

Depending on your risk engineering requirements, Chubb can provide benchmarking programmes specifically for you. Our engineers will work with you to gain an understanding of your business and how you operate.
They will carry out an inspection and review your operations to set a baseline level for your facilities, systems and procedures, as well as the hazards or exposures you face.

We can then compare this with other similar operations that we insure globally, and advise you on ways to improve your risk profile. Areas below industry average can be immediately targeted for improvement.

Benchmarking can be used to compare global risk management performance across a portfolio of properties or operating units. If appropriate, it can also be used in premium allocation across operating units to promote risk improvement.

Easy Reporting With Eureka Platform

The Eureka platform is an innovative web and tablet based system that Chubb’s risk engineers use to conduct surveys and provide risk benchmarking programmes to clients. It allows the flexibility to customise the reports based on your needs; from executive summary to quickly informing the Board of issues, to in-depth reviews for the risk manager and operations staff.

Key Benefits To Clients

More client engagement time– With a reduction in the time required to write reports, risk engineers are able to channel more time to assist clients who will also receive their reports more swiftly.

Obtain a preliminary view of their risks while on-site– Risk engineers can now start writing their reports while capturing the survey data on-site using tablet technology. They can provide clients with an initial view of their risk profile before leaving a survey site.

Obtain risk benchmarking against their peers globally- And the whole industry segment, as well as custom benchmarking against their own portfolio of individual sites.

Receive customised reports- Ranging from executive summaries to in-depth reviews for their risk managers and operations staff.

Risk Rating Diagram From Eureka


Technical Training Seminars

From time to time we offer risk engineering technical training seminars covering topics such as C.O.P.E. (construction, occupation, protections and exposures); automatic fire detection; sprinklers; construction; and security. If you would like to know more about these please email Paul Brooke.