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At Chubb, we provide a unique combination of global expertise and local experience, giving our business partners a competitive edge in the local market. With a strong underwriting culture as the foundation, we offer responsive service and market leadership built on financial strength.


  • Financial strength and stability.
  • Broad range of products with wide insurance coverage.
  • Underwriting expertise.
  • Commitment to efficiency.
  • Client centric service.
  • Wide geographic presence with 24 branches in Malaysia.

Partner us as an agent

It is easy to become a Chubb agent. Below is a checklist of basic requirements.

Educational qualification

  • MCE / SPM or other equivalent certificate.


  • Pre-Contract Examination For Insurance Agents (PCEIA) from Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) certificate or other equivalent certificate.

Documents Required

  • Original Declaration by Applicant / Corporate Nominee (item 16).
  • PIAM processing fees.
  • Copy of NRIC of Applicant/Corporate Nominee.
  • Copy of SPM/MCE/HSC/STPM certificate or higher qualification (e.g. diploma, degree, etc).
  • Form 9, (Form 13 if change of Agency name), Form 49, Form 24 and Form 32A (if there is transfer of shares) – for private/public limited company.
  • Business Registration Certificate (only for Sabah & Sarawak) / Borang A & D (only for Peninsular Malaysia).
  • Completed original Chubb Agency Application Form.
  • Duly signed General Insurance Agency Agreement (2 sets).
  • Licensed issued by Ministry of Tourism (only for Travel Agent).
  • Cheque book cover/ top portion of bank statement / relevant page of the bank account for DCBA purposes.
  • Letter of Indemnity (For Guarantor).
  • Third Party Guarantee Form (For Guarantor).
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months or Income Tax Form / EA Form or Proof of ownership of assets (For Guarantor).
  • Copy of Guarantor’s NRIC.

Partner us for direct marketing business

Our partners, particularly the banks, telcos and retailers in the Asia Pacific, are assured of a mutually beneficial relationship with Chubb due to our experience in three key areas:

With more than 3,500 work stations across more than 10 markets in the region, Chubb telemarketing is known for its success in outbound telemarketing. Chubb’s telemarketers are located in in-house call centers, owned and managed by Chubb. In some countries, they are also located at Chubb's partners’ sites. Chubb co-manages the infrastructure at some of Chubb's partners’ sites. Using a robust, proprietary telephony platform, Chubb telemarketers are trained to deliver results and customer satisfaction.

Customer Analytics
At the heart of every successful campaign is the customer analysis produced by Chubb’s data analytics teams. They are located at global, regional and in some countries, at local levels to conduct detailed assessments of customers’ lifestyles and behavior. Hence, Chubb is able to deliver targeted strategies and campaigns such as timed and sequenced offers, ensuring customers are more likely to buy. We have established data security systems and processes in place to safeguard customer data, and only do so in compliance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

Service Excellence
Each business partner has a Chubb partner management team comprising account management, customer service and claims, committed to delivering a greater customer experience from Chubb’s trained customer service executives and an efficient claims process.

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