We know that the manufacturing industry faces a host of common and emerging risk exposures daily. Take advantage of our strong network of services, and let our experts craft customised solutions for your needs.

Product Liability Insurance

Customisable protection against global product liability in manufacturing

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Umbrella Liability Insurance

Excess coverage that takes current liability insurance policies to the next level

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Public/General Liability Insurance

Global risk management programmes with broad protection against liability claims

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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Superior protection against a wide variety of third party claims

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Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme (FWCS)

Insurance protection from accidents and illnesses for foreign workers

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Foreign Workers Hospitalization & Surgical Scheme (FWHS)

Hospitalisation and surgical costs cover for your foreign workers

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Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG)

Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee for the Commercial sector from Chubb, legally required insurance cover for expenses incurred for foreign workers

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FlexiGuard Plus Business Insurance

FlexiGuard Plus Business Insurance for the Commercial sector from Chubb, comprehensive and customisable solutions for multiple risk exposures faced by SMEs

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