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Group Business Travel Insurance

Travelling can be essential to business. But it can become a stressful and expensive affair if things don't go as planned. Chubbs portfolio of business travel solutions can protect your employees wherever your business takes them. For peace of mind on the move, this insurance covers them for a wide range of incidents – from lost passports and cash to accidents.

Coverage Highlights

Whether it’s a mishap abroad, or lost passports and personal belongings along the way, travelling on business can be stressful without the right insurance coverage. Accidents or illnesses that happen to key staff members while representing your interests abroad, or even a family crisis back on the home front can also distract them from the objectives of their business trip.

With Chubb’s Business Travel Insurance, you can protect your business interests in the event of an emergency. Anything, from flying out a replacement colleague to reimbursement for abortive expenses, can be covered.

  • 24 Hours Emergency Assistance
    Chubb’s Business Travel offers on-the-spot emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a minor glitch or a major emergency, our fuss-free multinational risk management and business trip insurance solutions offer total peace of mind.

  • Vital assistance with just one phone call

    With Chubb Assistance, special arrangements can be organised to airlift your personnel out of remote areas where proper medical care is not available.

  • Extended Cover

    - Personal deviation and/or any trip for personal purposes whether before, during or immediately after the business trip are automatically covered.

    - Cover for business trip up to maximum of 180 days 

    - Business trip shall include inter-states, inter-provinces and inter-cities travel exceeding 100 kilometres apart.

  • Customise your own business travel programme

    One of the best features of Chubb’s Business Travel is that all the benefits can be tailored to meet your needs if our Standard Plans do not meet your requirements.

Next steps

All you have to do is:

  • Review our Group Business Travel Insurance and decide which plan is suitable for your needs
  • Complete our Application Form and pass it to our approved insurance intermediary for onward submission to Chubb

Note: You may refer to our approved agents or your insurance broker if you wish to enquire further.

Why choose Chubb?

  • Broad coverage and a host of additional benefit
  • Expert service from our local underwriting and claims personnel
  • A truly global network of expertise and servicing capability

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