Incidents can happen anytime. When they do, it’s crucial to have an innovative and flexible cover on your side, with superior solutions to help improve your risk management and loss prevention strategies.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance for the Commercial sector from Chubb, flexible insurance protection from casualty risks for business owners

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Environmental Liability Insurance

Global risk management programmes with customised solutions

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Multinational Liability Insurance

Worldwide underwriting services and claims capabilities for large organisations

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Products Liability Insurance

Customisable protection against global product liability in manufacturing

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Public/General Liability Insurance

Global risk management programmes with broad protection against liability claims

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Umbrella Liability Insurance

Excess coverage that takes current liability insurance policies to the next level

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JMB Elite Package

A comprehensive yet flexible insurance package crafted to cater to the varying risk management needs of Joint Management Body (JMB) / Management Corporation (MC) for high-rise buildings.

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Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme (FWCS)

Insurance protection from accidents and illnesses for foreign workers

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