Tips To Prevent House Break-in

Tips to Prevent House Break in
Break-in cases are getting more frequent in Malaysia. This is especially true during festive seasons or school holidays, when the entire neighbourhood leaves town. 

While it’s hard to put a price tag on the feeling of being violated, the visible and hidden financial costs, such as the cost of replacing new windows and doors, new locks, and time off from work to watch the workmen, etc. could really put a big hole in one’s pocket. 

What’s more? The new-age burglar is also interested in stealing one’s identity, and it can cost you much more time and money to recover. Hence, don’t leave your credit card numbers and passcodes around, not to mention your passport.

If you are planning a trip during this Hari Raya festive season, here are some tips to help secure your house before you embark on a holiday.

1.  Secure your premises
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked before you leave the house. Check if your gates, grills, windows and doors need repairs and get them done promptly.
2.  Switch on & plug off
  • Fix an electric timer in your house to switch on and off several lights around your home while you are away. Unplug all electronic devices that are not in use to protect your home against power surges.
3.  Lay low on social media
  • Refrain from sharing your whereabouts on social media. You never know who is watching.
4.  Ensure you have a proper home insurance
  • Besides stealing items, often burglars will also wreck the place. Hence, having a proper home insurance that covers the home structure and its content within does not only help recover the loss of your valuables, but also lighten your financial burden when comes to recovering what has been damaged in the house.

If you are still unsure about choosing the right insurance coverage for your home, check out what are the things that one should be considering before purchasing a home insurance here.

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