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Safe Travel Tips for Seniors

After many years of hard work, traveling is one of the best rewards that you can give yourself. The fact that you no longer have work commitments makes it even more exciting as you can now explore more travel destinations than before. Whether you want to go on an African safari or cruise around Alaska, it's never too late to chase your dream vacation! 

To help ensure that your travel will be safe and fun-filled, look out for these 10 tips on our checklist that you should keep in mind:


a drawing of a face 1. Get a Pre-Trip Medical Checkup
  • Before you embark on your new journey, be sure to consult your physician. This is a must-do especially if you have old-age related diseases or pre-existing medical conditions. Ask for a complete medical checkup to avoid any hassles along the way. You also have to inform your doctor if there will be any changes in your dietary habits depending on the area of travel.
a drawing of a cartoon character 2. Prepare Your Medications
  • Did you know that some legal medications in your area may be prohibited overseas? If possible, contact the hotline emergency number printed on your insurance plan as their customer service executives will be able to check it for you. Do this before traveling. You should also take more than enough medications to last for your trip just in case your flight is delayed. Always carry the doctor’s prescription with you at all times as you may need to purchase the medications locally. In addition, keep the medicines in your carry-on luggage in case your checked in luggage is delayed or goes missing. 
a drawing of a face
3. Avoid Flaunting Expensive Jewelry
  • Pickpockets and thieves consider older people easy targets so you might want to veer away from wearing too much bling. There are also belts that can be worn under your clothes, making it a lot easier to hide cash and credit cards.  
a drawing of a person 4. Pack your luggage efficiently
  • Make sure that you pack everything you might need for the duration of the flight in your carry-on. A suitcase with wheels will also be convenient in case you will need to take long walks to reach your hotel.   To ensure that you do not forget to take your medicines while enjoying the outdoors, pre-prepare your daily medicine in a pillbox with compartments for different days to make it fuss-free and easy to bring along in your day bag whilst you are out and about. 
a close up of a sign 5. Avoid travelling alone
  • Travelling in a group has great benefits. Aside from good conversations during your travels, there will be people who will take care of you in case of any medical emergency. In case you really want to travel alone, make sure you keep your loved ones or at least the hotel concierge in the loop of your daily itinerary. 
a drawing of a face 6. Check the local weather conditions
  • Learn what type of clothes will be appropriate for your destination. Extremes in climate can harm the health of travelers, especially the older folks. As you book your tours and accommodations, you may ask the travel agents to inform you of the local weather. 
a drawing of a person 7. Avoid 'economy class syndrome'
  • Sitting still for extended periods of time can be a risk factor for the development of clots in your legs’ veins. This condition is called deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or 'economy class syndrome'. To avoid this scenario, you are advised to get up and walk around for every one to two hours. During the times you can’t move from your seat without disturbing your neighbor, a simple exercise of standing and sitting repeatedly would be enough.  
a drawing of a person 8. Pace yourself
  • As your energy level may not be what it was before, space out your itinerary. Avoid a packed schedule which overtires you at the end of each day. 
a close up of a sign 9. Avoid falls
  • Common incidents from falling include slipping on the wet toilet floor after a shower or a bath, as well as on icy roads. They can be nasty and you may have to cut short your trip in some instances. So, have a dry mat ready for you to step on after your bath or shower and wear the right shoes for the weather. 
a drawing of a face 10. Buy travel insurance
  • This tip is important for travelers of any age. Having travel insurance gives you peace of mind in event of mishap. With this convenience, you only need to worry about making the most of your vacation.

If you wish to avoid the heavy medical expenses, buy travel insurance online before you leave.

Disclaimer - This content is brought to you by Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad (“Chubb”) as a convenience to readers and is not intended to constitute advice or recommendations upon which a reader may rely. Chubb makes no warranty or guarantee about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of this content. It is the responsibility of the reader to evaluate the quality and accuracy of material herein.

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