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Lockdown car care tips

Published Jun 2022
car maintenance

Staying home during lockdown period also means your car might be left inactive for a long period of time. In order to ensure that your car remain in working condition until the lockdown is lifted, here are some suggestions for you to carry out during this prolonged lockdown period:


  1. Clean your car’s interior

    • Any left behind trash could potentially attract unwanted pests. So why not wash your car and give the interior a good cleaning during the lockdown period?
  2. Start the engine weekly

    • To prevent your car’s battery from going flat, it is advisable to start your engine every 7 days and keep it running for 10 minutes. 
    • When you leave the car running, switch off the air-conditioner and infotainment system to maximise the battery charging process. 
    • Once you’re done, remember to lock your car in alarm armed mode.
  3. Check tyre pressure

    • Do check your tyre pressure if there is a need to go out.
  4. Lift your windshield wipers

    • If you park your car outside especially at an open-air car park, lift up your windshield wipers to prevent the rubber from hardening.
  5. Prevent tyre flat spot

    • Your car tyres might develop a flat spot if it is parked at the same spot for a long time. Move your car front and back alternately to rotate the tyres.
  6. It’s all about sanitising

    • After each journey, make sure you use some disinfectant to wipe surfaces like the steering wheel, door handles, window switches and gear lever.


Source: The Sun - Basic Vehicle Maintenance During MCO


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