Is Your Car Ready for Your Balik Kampung Road Trip?

Is Your Car Ready for Your Balik Kampung Road Trip?

Before Road Trip:

1.    Get your car serviced prior to the festive season:
  • Have engine oil and oil filter changed
  • Check if spark plugs need to be replaced
  • Check your lights
  • Inspect your brakes
  • Check your tyres
  • Check and replace timing belt
  • Auto transmission and/or power steering fluid
  • Windscreen wipers and wiper fluid
  • Change air filter
2.    Plan the drive ahead of time, and know alternate routes.
3.    Carry a mobile phone and charger.

4.    Prepare all necessary documents such as your insurance certificate.
5.    Make sure have enough amount of toll fees.
6.    Keep your GPS system updated.
7.    Keep your vehicle and personal belongings secure.
8.    Pack a roadside emergency kit.

9.    Ensure your car is insured.

On The Road:

  1.  Take note on your petrol level
  2.  Avoid drinking alcohol prior to your journey
  3.  Comply with the speed limits
  4.  Buckle up
  5.  Stay hydrated
  6.  Stay alert

A roadside assistance program can be a lifesaver. Simply call our 24-hour roadside assistance hotline at 1-300-88-0128 should an untoward event happen to your car. 

What’s more? Chubb Preferred Repairers offer a series of dedicated services for Chubb motor policyholders in Malaysia if they involved in a road accident! Find out more about Chubb Preferred Repairers now.

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