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Lets Practice Social Distancing

Staying at home is perhaps the best way to stem coronavirus, but if you need to go out, practise social distancing as this can protect yourself or infecting others.

Here are some suggestions on how you could stay safe:

a close up of a logo 1. Staying home whenever possible, even if you are not sick.
a drawing of a face 2. Avoiding crowded place and large gatherings. 
a drawing of a face 3. Stay at least a meter away between yourself and others.
a close up of a device 4. If you are sick, stay at home and wear a mask if there is a need to go out.
a drawing of a person 5. Avoid elderly and young children as they can be vulnerable to such infections.
a drawing of a face 6. Limiting indoor groups.
a drawing of a face 7. Practise good personal hygine.
a drawing of a person 8. Use food or grocery delivery services to minimize exposure to the virus

* Source:  The Star - COVID-19: Social Distancing


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