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Myth Fact
a drawing of a face My company is not exposed to cyberattacks. Unless you don’t use any computers, mobile devices... etc.
a close up of a sign Our IT department has cyber risks under control. Hackers are now releasing over 100,000 new ransomware everyday. No security software vendor can keep up easily.
a close up of a wheel We outsource. Liability can’t be outsourced!
I don’t have the budget - cyber insurance is very expensive.
Not really!
a drawing of a face This is a problem of large companies.
Did you know that cyber-attacks on smaller organisations have increased from 18% in 2011 to 43% in 2016*? Large businesses and SMEs face most of the same threats. However, large businesses spend enormous sums on corporate cyber security, while SMEs don’t have the means to implement comprehensive protection, leaving significant risks uncovered. 

Source: Small Business Trends - 43 Percent of Cyber Attacks Target Small Business

Read more on how SMEs could protect themselves from cyber-attacks here >

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