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Chinese New Year Safety Tips Staying Home
Chinese New Year is about having fun and getting together with your loved ones! Here are some useful home safety tips to keep you safe while celebrating this Spring Festival!

Home safety tips:

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1. Manage your wiring
  • Chinese New Year means that you’ll be putting up new lights and decorations that may need a little electricity. A little organization on those wires can save you from the headache of dealing with overloading sockets.
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2. Child-proof everything
  • With big family get-together and children running around enjoying themselves, it’s time to child-proof your home! Afterall, injured kids are the last thing you want during a get-together session.
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3. Have the necessities
  • Your home should have all the typical emergency response items in an easy-to-access location, such as:
    • First aid kit
    • Medicines for common illness 
    • Emergency numbers for contacts, doctors or hospitals
    • Fire extinguishers 
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4. Keep the kitchen organized
  • Having too many people in the kitchen may distract you and someone may get hurt. Keep it organized and know who you’re letting in and out of the kitchen. 
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5. Never leave cooking unattended
  • If you need to leave the kitchen whilst cooking, take pans off the heat or turn them down to avoid risk.
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6. Always practice proper food safety
  • Make sure your kitchen is clean and adequately maintained. Be sure to avoid contaminating food by keeping raw meat and fish away from veggies. Store your Chinese New Year goodies in a cool and dry container.
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7. Keep valuables safe
  • When you’re at an open house or if people are at your house, you should keep those extra special belongings safe.

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