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Things You Should Be Aware of to Avoid Spreading Germs in the New Normal
The ‘New Normal’ reveals that there are many things we do daily that actually help spread germs and bacteria faster. Here are some things you need to be aware of to keep ourselves and family members safe and healthy:

1. Not to place your mask on the table while eating at a restaurant

  • Did you know that the virus could last on the outer part of a mask for up to 7 days? Keep your mask in a bag so it doesn’t get contaminated.

2. Designate an area at home as ‘disinfecting zone’

  • Designate one spot at home to lay all your outside clothes and any items you brought in with you to be disinfected or sanitized.

3. Not to put your hands or lean on countertops when ordering food

  • Our hands and arms are easily exposed to germs, bacteria and viruses present on those surfaces. If you’re tired of standing, find a chair to sit on instead!

4. Sanitize personal items when you reach home

  • Cold and flu germs can live up to 24 hours on most surfaces, including your smartphone! Sanitize your phone, watch, wallet, bag etc. once you get home after a day out.
  • For clothes, separate them in a different laundry basket and make sure you wash them immediately if you can. 

5. Wash your hands often

  • If you’ve been out the whole day, don’t wait until you visit a washroom or reach home to wash your hands. Bring a sanitizer around with you wherever you go and use it every time your hands come in contact with something that doesn’t belong to you.

6. Shower immediately after entering your house

  • Be sure to step into the shower immediately and take a nice, long shower with soap.

Source: World of Buzz - The New Normal Reveals 6 Things M’sians Do That Unknowingly Help Spread Germs & Bacteria Faster

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