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5 Things To Keep In Mind After CMCO
While the world has now somewhat adjusted to staying and working from home all day due to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, it only makes sense to be well-prepared for the day when life starts to return to ‘normal’, or the new normal at least.

With that being said, here’s a list of things you need to remember NOT to do even after the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) is lifted.

1. Getting into an already-crowded lift

  • During and after the CMCO, it’s wise to follow the number that has been set (if any) by your building or office management.

2. Visiting the playground

  • As a parent, you’d need to be hypervigilant that your child doesn’t touch any part of their face at all, until they have a chance to wash their hands and use a hand sanitiser.
  • Also, you may need to teach your kid(s) beforehand about keeping a safe distance from the other children in the play area, in addition to keeping their face masks on at all times.

3. Gardens/green areas

  • If you’re planning to go out for a run, make sure that you change out of your outdoor clothes and put everything to wash immediately once you get back to your house.
  • A shower is also a must, not only to wash away the sweat and dust, but to ensure that you’re not carrying any of the viruses into your home.

4. Swimming pool

  • Practise good basic hygiene, refrain from sharing towels, and shower before entering the pool.
  • As common facilities such as locker rooms and showers may be crowded, showering at home could be a safer precautionary measure.
  • Avoid lingering around the pool area, and to go home directly after swimming. 

5. Avoid parties/gatherings

  • Avoid having any visitors over during these uncertain times, even after the CMCO has been lifted.

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