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Regional Day of Service

The annual Regional Day of Service in Asia Pacific was established in 2012, providing employees across the region with the opportunity to participate in various community outreach activities which align with Chubb’s overarching CSR support for improving education and health, alleviating poverty and saving the environment.

Education@Heart - 2019

In aligning with the regional theme of “Education@Heart”, Chubb in Malaysia reached out to 5 areas in the country where over 100 employees participated in voluntary efforts to help underprivileged children in their respective local community develop general knowledge and English literacy. 

All outreach activities were carried out in the first 2 weeks of November 2019. Besides activities, more than 600 copies of reading materials of various titles were donated to the respective Homes to expand their existing library and provide fresh reading materials for the children.

Education@Heart - 2018

Align with the theme of Education@Heart, Chubb in Malaysia invited more than 250 children and volunteers to participate in campaigns and educational field trips from end of October till November for 2018’s Regional Day of Service.

Among the activities held included Educational Field Trip to Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery, Batik Painting Workshop, Health Awareness Workshop, Educational Handicraft Workshop and Educational Field Trip to Spritzer Ecopark.


Chubb understands that the future lies in the hand of today’s children. Hence, in line with its annual RDS’s theme of “Increasing educational opportunities for underprivileged students”, Chubb in Malaysia invited more than 200 children and volunteers to participate in fun-filled activities and educational field trips in the month of November. 

From learning the skills of batik painting to soap making, these children were encouraged to unleash their inner artistic talent and creativity in crafting their masterpieces. 

The educational field trips to the Fire & Rescue Station and the Malaysia Flying Academy offered these children the opportunity to expand their understanding about fire safety as well as flight safety and basic aviation knowledge.

Other volunteering activities such as knowledge sharing through fun-filled activities, building library for the home, books and toys donation, grocery donation, etc., also helped in lifting the living condition as well as provide educational opportunities for the underprivileged children. 


In line with its RDS’s theme in 2016 - “Increasing educational opportunities for underprivileged students”, Chubb in Malaysia invited close to 300 children and volunteers to participate in campaigns and educational field trips in several states in the month of November. Among the activities held included educational material donation drive, learning trips to the museum and oceanarium, knowledge sharing through storytelling and team building games.


The Global Day of Service this year was a rewarding and meaningful experience with the involvement of Chubb volunteers visiting a selected home to support local communities.

The event was made extra special with the participation of 11 branch offices and the extension of the Day of Service to a three-day event at the head office. The participation of 11 branches took place during the week where a few branches teamed up to work on bigger projects.

At the head office in Kuala Lumpur, waste paper materials were collected via a Recycling Drive and RM7,750 was raised at the Charity Bazaar, whereby all proceeds were donated to the selected Home – the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society. With a one-to-one match pledge made by Chubb, a total sum of RM15,500 was raised and donated to the home.

This initiative ended with a volunteering exercise whereby 107 Chubb employees participated in various activities to enhance the living conditions at the home. These included spring-cleaning, wall-painting as well as spending quality time with the kids and senior citizens by engaging them in dialogue and entertainment.

The activities also served as a platform for employees to network and create a sense of responsibility among themselves while giving back to the local community.

The 2015 Global Day of Service was the largest CSR initiative at Chubb in Malaysia with the highest participation from its employees.


As part of the observation of its annual Day of Service, Chubb organised a window-shopping trip for the residents of the Selangor Cheshire Home on 20 March 2014. During the excursion, 9 residents from the Home went on a tour around the Pavilion Shopping Mall with 20 Chubb employees and had a fun day out.


In 2014, more than 120 employees from Chubb’s head office in Kuala Lumpur and branch offices in Penang and Bukit Mertajam participated in the company’s annual Day of Service. The employees contributed their time and services to improve the living conditions at the Cheshire Homes in Selangor and Penang.

"We’re very grateful to Chubb for their continuous support and we appreciate their efforts in providing a better living space, and improving the quality of life of our residents” - Puan Shahidah Musa, Executive Director of Selangor Cheshire Home

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