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Full fidelity bonds

  • These are solutions that protect your company’s assets.
  • Make it possible to foresee possible risks derived from labor-related situations.
  • Repair the damages that may be caused by one or several employees.

Whether your Company is looking for individual or collective full fidelity bonds, Chubb has the experience and the financial backing needed to protect your Company in an efficient manner against the potential risks associated to your employees.


The strategic objective of the fidelity bond is to protect the assets of the companies from possible deteriorations derived from illegal conduct committed by their employees.

Guarantees the repairing of the damage that may be caused by one or several of the employees or workers by committing a guaranteed crime, Robbery, Fraud and Breach of Trust, on their own or in connivance with other people, in the exercising of their duties or positions over the assets belonging to the Beneficiary.

Knowing the needs and operative conditions of the client is indispensable in order to offer him the best option of Consolidation in Fidelity.







All the employees; all the salesmen or all the administrative staff; self-administrable, the amount of the bond is the same for any employee


To guarantee a group of high risk employees, of manual administration (the beneficiary reports new hires and dismissals); the common and maximum amount for any employee of the group


Accounts with high loss ratio, by means of the creation of an Accounting Fund or Allowance.

Robusta Plus

Accounts with a high loss ratio, by means of the creation of an Accounting Fund or Allowance that guarantees any non-fulfillment. 



Each employee is guaranteed individually assigning a specific amount according to the post and amount of responsibility. 

Insurance agents

Bonds for insurance agents, Minimum Premium


  1. Prevent fraudulent acts by making it more difficult or even impossible for the defrauder to find an opportunity.
  2. Dissuade the defrauder from carrying out the illicit act, through preventive sessions that cause the employee to have knowledge of the use and application of the program and the implementation of the internal control systems that can provide evidence of the embezzlement committed.
  3. Timely detection of the embezzlement.
  4. Financial coverage through the Fidelity Bond.


Complaint Line

Consists of the assigning of a 01800 telephone line that permits collaborators, employees and suppliers of the beneficiary to report, safely and anonymously, events that affect the employer’s trust and may even damage his assets.

These complaints are reported to the client in due course, giving him big benefits such as knowing the working environment in his Company, detecting areas of risk in the daily operation and even detect crimes, embezzlements or damages.

Diagnosis of the Risk.

Consists of valuing the efficacy of the internal control systems that our beneficiary uses, having a feedback based on suggestions to improve or implement other control systems that strengthen the security of his assets.

Orientation for Beneficiaries and Employees.

We have a National Fidelity Team made up of specialized executives who serve and provide monitoring to all our clients at national level, providing advisory services in the adequate handling and administration of Fidelity Bonds and strengthening the inhibition of risks by preventive talks addressed to Employees.


We have an Application APP for IPad and Windows, which provides benefits for the agent and the client and includes the following services:

  • Internet portal
  • Institutional presentations of the Field
  • Automatic provider of quotations
  • Administration for the Beneficiary
  • Consultation of History of Complaints.
  • Consultation of Risk Diagnosis Recommendations
  • Follow-up in the Deadlines
  • Bonded employees
  • Invoicing of premiums
  • Reprint of Policies
  • Status of claims


  • Application - contract.
  • Questionnaire – Report of the internal control system.
  • Relationship of bonded personnel.
  • In the case of renewals, extensions or retiming, the internal control system and the relationship with the personnel must be updated.


In the case of any illicit act, its claim will be attended with no additional charge, 365 days of the year, 24 hours of the day at national level, to receive telephonic orientation.