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Program of bonds for contractors, suppliers and providers of services.

  • We have a versatile policy offer; these can be issued remotely and electronically.
  • We offer advisory services and training in the handling of bonds.

We help you guarantee your operations and the services you provide, either from the initial stages of a project or once it has been finished.



  • We back the commitments you acquire with each project.
  • We issue individual policies of competition, advance payments, fulfillment and quality.


  • Since we contribute to the selecting of suppliers, we help to minimize the risks of nonfulfillment.
  • We issue your bonds with agility when the terms and conditions have been well established.
  • We administrate your bond portfolio with diligence.
  • You can obtain immediate advisory services in the case of claims, texts of bonds, contracts, etc.
  • You have the option of receiving training in bond handling through workshops.
  • We give you advice with a network of intermediaries and certified brokers.  
  • We serve our suppliers in the entire Republic.  
  • We have a bond issuing service that operates remotely within the national territory.
  • The bonds can be issued electronically.
  • We verify the authenticity of the bonds and prevent frauds.
  • The premium paid is totally deductible from taxes.

Our clients

  • Construction companies
  • Providers of services
  • Providers of goods