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Chubb International Excess

Chubb International Excess (CIXS) is an underwriting unit of Chubb. We write Non proportional Property FAC (Excess) from the Miami Office. CIXS shares $50m capacity with our Bermuda operations (Bermuda, London, and Singapore).

We are the designated underwriting office of Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd. for all Latin America and Caribbean.

Attachment Point / Limits / General Conditions

  • General:
  • Power Generation:
  • Power Distribution:
  • Oil & Gas:
  • Refineries:
  • Capacity / Share


  • Minimum Premium:

US$ 30 m

US$ 100 m

US$ 50 m

US$ 50 m

US$ 500 m

US$ 50 m or maximum of %50 share of the layer 100% Independent, Additional & or Complementary Capacity

US$ 40 k per Risk / Transaction

Attachment Point / Limits / General Conditions

  • Beach Front Hotels                       
  • Petroleum                                       
  • Chemical Process
  • Pulp and Paper                             
  • Utilities (PG and Water Distribution)
  • CAT Perils - Stand alone
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Telecommunications
  • CAR & EAR
  • Electronics and semicpnductor
  • Transmission & Distribution Lines (T&D)
  • O,l & Gas


  • Chubb Net capacity ensures programme stability
  • Coverage terms available for up to 2 years (24 months)
  • All types of industry clases except: Textile, Wood, Pastic, Steel, Sugar Mills, and Off-shore Energy


Chubb International Excess Offers

  • Quality on-time response (24 hours – 72 hours)
  • Commitment to a high service standard and profesional claims management
  • Over 30 years of underwriting experience / Proven record of long-term relationships
  • Non-traditional coverage options
  • Financial Strength: AM Best: A++ (Superior) S&P: AA (Very Strong)
  • Stamp: ACE American Insurance Co. and ACE Property & Casualty Insurance Co.

Contact us

Please contact our team to learn more about Chubb International Excess.

Chubb International Excess
9130 S Dadeland Blvd
Suite 1100
Miami, FL 33156
O  +305.670.9935

Property Team
Alfonso Barra
Vice President
Property Manager
O  +305.671.1674
E  alfonso.barra@chubb.com

Elizabeth M. Orta
Underwriting Assistant
O  +305.671.7191
E  elizabeth.orta@chubb.com