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Personal Use Bicycle Insurance

We offer bespoke protection programs for each one of our business partners, covering their personal use bicycles.


  • Theft by violence - Replacement of the bicycle stolen with violence from the owner.
  • Accidental Damage – Replacement or repair of the material damages suffered by the bicycle as a consequence of its transportation in an automobile, whether this is inside, the boot or secured to a rack or under wrappings.
  • Civil Liability – Covers any material damages the person riding the bicycle may cause to third party property including bodily injury or death.


  • Savings in the cost of replacing the bicycle in the event of a total loss for theft or damage.
  • No waiting period
  • Assistance in solving economic issues concerning the impact on third parties and having to cover any expenses incurred.
  • Easy to purchase and cost-effective.

Sales channels

  • Affinity product
  • Agents.