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Car and home insurance

We offer you our experience and financial solidity to cover homes and vehicles against damages and losses.


Not only do we know how to protect your automobile, but we also have the necessary experience to cope with cases of third party civil liability as well as many more risks. Become acquainted with our automobile insurance and chose the one that best meets your requirements.

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Household Insurance

In addition to insuring your house against fire, damages and other events, Chubb places at your disposal a system of repair services (plumbers, locksmiths and electricians) to guarantee a greater welfare within your home.

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Covering the totality of your assets, with this insurance both your home as well as your country house, in addition to the vehicles you may have, all this is covered against damages, fires and other events.

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To protect you against the risks of traffic accidents as well as the threats that may affect your home, using a safety belt and having the entry door well closed is not enough. Chubb protects you, your house and your vehicles from the dangers that may cross your path.