Varvaro, Cotter & Bender

Varvaro, Cotter & Bender: Our Attorneys

Joseph Varvaro
  • Managing Attorney
  • Mr. Varvaro has handled cases in the areas of products liability, premises liability, automobile liability, labor law liability, medical malpractice, defamation, excessive force, contract disputes and property/boundary disputes.

Rose M. Cotter
  • Senior Attorney
  • Ms. Cotter focuses her practice on insurance defense litigation. She represents institutions and individuals in complex, high exposure personal injury litigation matters.

Heath A. Bender
  • Senior Attorney
  • Mr. Bender has practiced in the areas of general liability, premises liability, construction site liability, products liability, and automobile liability. He is also experienced in defending professional liability litigation on behalf of various categories of professionals including debt collectors, franchisors, employment agencies, property managers and travel agents.

Stephen J. Cassels
  • Attorney
  • Stephen J. Cassels is an Associate Attorney with Chubb's Westchester Housel firm, Varvaro, Cotter & Bender.  Mr. Cassels' practice is currently focused on defending all types of personal injury cases, including construction accident, premises liability, products liability and motor vehicle cases.

Lisa L. Gollihue
  • Attorney
  • Ms. Gollihue is an Associate with the White Plains, New York House Counsel firm of Varvaro, Cotter & Bender. Ms. Gollihue currently defends all types of casualty liability cases including premises liability, Labor Law, products liability and motor vehicle cases.

Gregory Walthall
  • Attorney
  • Mr. Walthall served as an Assistant District Attorney in New York County for four years.  As an A.D.A. he prosecuted various crimes and completed a number of trials.  Mr. Walthall's practice areas include premises and products liability, automobile liability and general negligence.