As we continue to support our clients and business partners, we are committed to finding ways to do more for the communities in which we serve.

Supporting Dynamo Camp in Italy

Eliana Torretta from Chubb Marketing and Communications in Italy is a member of a small choir in Milan. In the face of Covid-19 and with the support of more than 30 men, women and children from around the world, the choir recorded the video “Together,” a song about closeness and mutual support. The video is being used to raise funds to support Dynamo Camp, the first recreational therapy camp in Italy specially structured to host sick children in therapy or in the post-hospitalization period. More than 45,000 people, including sick children and entire families, have laughed, played and challenged their limits thanks to Dynamo Camp’s Recreational Therapy.

Duration: 3:40

the Trussell Trust

Chubb in the United Kingdom supported the Trussell Trust by donating USD 25,000 to support the Trust’s nationwide network of more than 1,200 food bank centres to provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty.

© Trussell Trust

Duration: 2:26