With more than one-third of the globe’s workers unemployed due to the pandemic, food banks around the world are seeing an overwhelming increase in demand for food aid. Chubb’s $1.5 million contribution is helping the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) provide urgently needed support to food banks around the world based on an assessment of areas with the most critical needs.

Chubb’s support to the GFN comprises direct grants to Foodbank Australia and Fareshare in the UK, as well as direct grants to food banks in Europe and unrestricted programmatic support.

FareShare is the UK’s national network of charitable food banks. Chubb’s support will help distribute food to front-line organizations and food banks during the pandemic. With its network of network of 17 partner organizations covering all four nations of the UK, FareShare provides nearly one million meals per week to 11,000 front-line charities and community groups – all supporting vulnerable people, including those experiencing homelessness, mental health, domestic violence and loneliness.

Foodbank Australia is providing food relief through its network of 2,400 charities across Australia. In ‘normal’ circumstances, more than 815,000 people per month rely on the Foodbank Australia’s network for food assistance. Those numbers are skyrocketing as the economic impacts of COVID-19 are felt across the country. Chubb’s grant will help to ensure equity of access and address food supply shortages stemming from the pandemic.

Striving to create a world free of hunger

The Global FoodBanking Network is a critical bridge that brings hunger and food together around the world — a situation that has been made even more vital by the pandemic.

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Learn more about Fare Share, Food Bank Australia, and The Global Foodbanking Network on their websites.