Unprecedented events require unprecedented service

For over 200 years, we have worked hand-in-hand with our clients to help them rebuild – it’s in our DNA. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created several programs to support our clients and the communities where they live.

To address the financial impact of future pandemics, Chubb is working with U.S. lawmakers to create a strong private-public partnership. View the proposal here.

We are there for our clients when they need us most

  • Our commitment to clients

We stand with our clients as partners in their business. In 2019 alone, we received 3.6 million new claims and made more than $18.3 billion in claims payments. And, as the world changes – and new and never-before-seen threats emerge – Chubb takes pride in our continuing commitment to our clients. See how Chubb has been there when crises hit.

How we’re helping clients

How we’re helping our communities

  • Supporting small businesses

    We’re purchasing $1 million in gift cards from our small business clients, to donate to front-line healthcare workers and first-responders in their local communities. Learn more about the initiative.

  • $10 million in global pandemic relief

    Chubb has committed $10 million to provide essential resources to those most impacted by the global COVID-19 crisis. See how we’re lending our support around the world.

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