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Safety Week

Learn how Chubb Construction Risk Engineering is committed to partnering with the construction industry to help mitigate accidents and enhance the safety culture on current and future projects.

A Safety Week Message from Your Partners at Chubb Construction Risk Engineering

The Construction Industry has and continues to play a significant role in making the U.S. a leader in the industrial world. This would not be possible if not for the dedicated and talented men and women working in this proud and storied industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries report, construction worker fatalities increased 6% from 2015 to 2016 — recording 991 worker deaths — the highest number of any industry in our country. Construction deaths account for 22% of all worker fatalities in the private sector, meaning more than 1 in 5 workplace fatalities occurring in the U.S. are happening in the construction industry.

Safety week is the construction industry’s forum to reiterate the value and importance we place on our workers and to reaffirm our commitment in enhancing the safety culture on our construction projects. In order for this industry to improve upon these unacceptable statistics, it requires a collaborative effort by management and labor to elevate the approach on safety for all construction projects.

Management has the responsibility to ensure workers have a safe work environment including but not limited to planning, equipment and training. Labor has the responsibility to adhere to and execute those safeguards. It’s a Team Effort.

Chubb is proud to partner with the construction industry to help mitigate accidents, enhance the safety culture on projects, and deliver tailored solutions.

For safety week, we would like to share a poem about Health and Safety written by Don Merrell titled “I Chose to Look the Other Way.”

We hope you read and share this poem during safety week on all of your projects with the special men and women that make the construction industry one of the best industries in this great nation.

Chubb Construction Safety Investigator (CSI): Tool Box Talk

Learn how Chubb Construction takes a different approach towards safety tool box talks...

Chubb Is A Proud Sponsor Of Safety Week #safetyweek


Safety Pledges

  • John Deal

    What Safety Means To Me

    "I pledge to make safety my number one priority in the work place and at home. It starts on the ground and works its way up- checking for anything that is not safe and reporting it."

    John Deal
    Head Field Laborer
    Budget Maintenance, Inc.

  • GettyImages-476804157_484x645

    What Safety Means To Me

    “We believe that National Safety Week is an ideal way to bring continued awareness and focus to the risks associated with the construction industry and provide pro-active thoughts and measures in our collective efforts to combat these risks to make the construction industry safer. This same pro-active approach and focus should be carried out throughout the year; day by day, week by week, making safety our 365 day a year goal”

    George Cesarini
    Senior Vice President
    Construction Risk Engineering
    Chubb Construction

    Matthew Kupiec
    Assistant Vice President
    Construction Risk Engineering
    Chubb Construction

Safety Spotlights

  • Dave Andrews

    What Safety Means To Me

    “Everybody getting home to their family the same way they left the house in the morning.”

    Dave Andrews
    Structural Concrete Foreman
    Cavan Construction Company

  • Lee Mensack

    What Safety Means To Me

    "As a Paramedic, I have seen first-hand someone who decides to take a chance and sustains an injury. As a Safety Associate for IMC Construction, it is my goal to identify potential hazards and then remediate. I stress the importance of best safety practices to those on my site in a positive manner.

    The bottom line is everyone goes home every day to enjoy what they have worked for."

    Lee Mensack
    IMC Safety Associate

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