This Baseline Loss Analysis benchmarks four important areas:

  1. The frequency rate of accidents (AFR);
  2. The severity rate of  accidents (ASR);
  3. Key loss frequency trends;
  4. Key loss severity trends. 

The Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) provides a graphical representation of the frequency of injuries per 100 workers; The Accident Severity Rate (ASR) illustrates what accidents cost you per each man-hour worked.

The Baseline Loss Analysis can accurately demonstrate the most frequent and severe types of accidents, or loss leaders. The goal of this tool is to help focus your efforts in determining the root cause of accidents and taking corrective action in areas where they make the most impact.

Download the Loss Analysis Resource Guide

Effective loss analysis helps you to quickly and easily focus on the critical few issues driving losses in order to start identifying the root cause. Losses are indications that there are opportunities to improve workplace safety.

Download the Loss Analysis Resource Guide