Recall Plus® - Specialized Businesses, should have Specialized Consultants

You already know that Product Recall offers three lines of coverage tailored to the needs of the insured for Component Parts, Consumable Products, and Consumer Goods. Now, we are pleased to unveil the only product recall consulting solution in the insurance industry that gives insureds access to the expertise of Chubb Risk Engineering as well as a network of industry-specific consultants!

Recall Plus

With Recall Plus, not only do insureds get customized product recall coverage that allows them to select coverage based on their needs and obligations, they can also tap into a comprehensive network of industry leading consultants.

These specialized consultants create an edge for the business owner and give them a partner who knows the pitfalls and implications of recalls and coverage essentials - in one package.

The Recall Plus Consulting Network includes notable specialists that understand your business, who also have significant experience and expertise in the marketplace where businesses operate:

Did You Know?

From 2012-2016, the USDA initiated over 523 recall events involving more than 114,492,000 million pounds of products.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has issued 11,723 recalls from 1996-2016 impacting 471,481,640 motor vehicles

Manufacturing 13

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Neumann Risk Services will focus on Consumable Products for Recall Plus®

NRS provides pre and post-event consulting services to policyholders through the identification, evaluation, and assessment of food safety risks, regulatory, brand reputation and operational risks. Their ultimate goal is to help policyholders to achieve compliance and best-in-class food safety risk management programs in areas such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) schemes, supply chain risk management programs, environmental monitoring, USDA regulatory compliance, risk maturity modeling, food safety culture, and more.

NRS works with domestic and international food manufacturers, restaurant chains, vertically integrated grocery chains, foodservice providers and distributors to identify assess and reduce food safety, brand, and compliance risks to acceptable levels.

NRS provides advice to clients faced with potential or actual recalls or other regulatory actions, such as FDA 483’s, NOIE's, supplier and customer disputes, and other matters that require regulatory interpretation or guidance in a food-related crisis.

NRS develops programs with a strategic Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach to food safety. They identify gaps and strengthen programs so that policyholders have the confidence to know that their people, process, and systems will work collaboratively to support the enterprise-level objectives in a time of crisis.

NRS provides recall / crisis management advice on a pre-incident basis and during times of actual crises to help clients understand regulatory requirements, reporting requirements, and the most effective and practical recall strategies based on the products, distribution channels, and public health risk.

Product Safety Advisors: Rick Brenner & Neal Cohen will focus on Consumer Goods for Recall Plus

Product Safety Advisors provides a complete range of consumer product safety and compliance consulting services including interim and outsourced staffing, evaluation and upgrading of existing compliance programs, development and implementation of new compliance programs, management and staff compliance evaluation and training, compliance oversight, offshore supply chain evaluation and oversight for quality control, regulatory compliance and social responsibility.

PSA offers the following value to policyholders:

  • Pre-event risk assessments, recall and quality systems program build out/enhancement 
  • Post incident coaching 
  • Broad geographic reach
  • Ability to respond immediately to urgent needs
  • Flexibility in working with Chubb’s Claims Department
  • Ability to coordinate expert public and media relations support
  • Strong knowledge of recall insurance
  • Superior response time

Neal Cohen specializes in navigating compliance with consumer product safety regulations, whether at the point of design, manufacture, post-sales surveillance, regulatory compliance, addressing consumer reports and assisting in reporting incidents and/or leading recalls in collaboration with the relevant government agency.

Neal Cohen Law LLC services a worldwide clientele who primarily sell their consumer goods in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Capabilities for policyholders are as follows:

  • Ability to respond to a recall event on a 24/7 service level (for post-incident vendors)
  • Ability to support all areas of assistance offered
  • Proficient in dealing with payments and has a specialized tax accountant on retainer to support Claims efforts.
  • Cohen has relationships with crisis communication providers. For our smaller clients, we are experienced in vetting and assisting with constructing crisis communication messages.
  • They have worked with clients conducting recalls who have product recall insurance and/or product withdrawal riders on their CGL plans.
  • They have a broad understanding of the types of services that are covered and our not covered and understand how to manage the process in the client’s best interest while also creating necessary documentation for insurance purposes.
  • Experience drafting compliance processes to better manage and control risk before an event might occur.
  • Accustomed to fast-paced, evolving crisis-situations and we offer a professional response using tried-and-true strategies to manage any issue for a client’s best interest.

Cahill Consultants will focus on Component Parts and Life Sciences for Recall Plus®

Cahill’s philosophy focuses on prevention, as this is the ultimate goal when it comes to product failure and product contamination. Product recall preparation helps prevent product recalls, protects your brand, manages business continuity in the event of a crisis, minimizes the number of potential lawsuits from occurring, maintains financial stability, and upholds your company’s reputation. With world-class Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing expertise, Cahill Consultants Inc. helps companies protect themselves against product failures and product contamination.

Available 24/7 and available pre and post-incident, Cahill provides the following services to assist Component Part manufacturers, preparing to prevent a product recall from occurring in the following areas:

  • Product Recall Manuals
  • Product Recall Training
  • Facility Reviews
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessments
  • White Papers
  • Desktop Reviews
  • Loss Mitigation Reports
  • Six Sigma Training
  • Lean Manufacturing Process Control Reviews
  • Traceability Protocol Reviews
  • Issue Identification and Escalation Protocol Reviews
  • Investigation Process Control Reviews 
  • Labels and Labeling Procedure Reviews
  • Corporate Governance Training for C-Suite Employees 
  • Email and Document Protocols for Avoiding Litigation