Management Liability Insights

Chubb’s Management Liability Insights newsletter provides access to the expert perspectives of Chubb’s Preferred Securities Panel. These nationally recognized firms have been selected by Chubb due to their experience and expertise in handling complex securities litigation across many jurisdictions and industries.

Archived Issues:

June 2015: In this issue, firms share insightful views on cybersecurity risks, fiduciary duties, general corporation law, and more.

April 2015: In this issue, firms provide keen insight on stockholder derivative litigation, recent limits set on insider trading liability and more.

December 2014: In this issue, firms discerning observations on recent SEC investigations, developments in relation to Dodd-Frank and Halliburton, cybersecurity and more.

August 2014: In this issue, firms offer insightful looks at the recent Halliburton ruling, merger objection cases and high frequency trading, to name a few.