The Chubb Kraft Lake Program

Through a special arrangement between Kraft Lake Insurance Agency and Chubb, Kraft Lake agents have the ability to sell homeowners insurance from Chubb. You have a unique opportunity to grow your homeowner business and retain customers with industry-leading personal insurance solutions from Chubb.

Homeowner Quote Request Form

In order to enhance the agent experience on high value Chubb risks you will need to submit the quote through Option 3, Kraft Lake Compare, on the Kraft Lake website.

Chubb Kraft Lake High Value Home Program

You must be a Kraft Lake agent to request a quote. Your agency name and producer number are required for a quote to be processed.

Chubb Kraft Lake Program Guidelines:

  • Primary dwelling values of $1,000,000 or greater for risks outside of California. Risks are subject to underwriting approval to quote.
  • Dwelling must be fully protected (within 5 mi of fire department, within 1000 feet of a hydrant, No PC 9 or 10)
  • Risks with loss history are not eligible for a quote with the exception of a $0 pay-out loss or CAT loss subject to UW approval
  • Homes must have active central station fire and burglar alarms
  • Mono-line secondary homes will not be considered without consideration of the associated primary home