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By Terese Hopper
Assistant Vice President, Healthcare Risk Engineering

Thanks For All You Do

Today we wrapped up a weeklong celebration of healthcare risk managers and the pivotal role they play in the healthcare industry overall, and patient safety in particular.

On any given day, a risk manager may be making vital decisions related to compliance and risk financing, then working side by side with healthcare providers to improve clinical care and patient safety practices. They are educators, championing the proactive identification of risks before they lead to serious safety events, and leaders, constantly looking ahead, anticipating what’s next, and finding new ways to mitigate loss.

In today’s challenging healthcare climate, risk managers are also first responders. When a crisis occurs, they are there communicating with patients’ families with honesty and sensitivity and ensuring prompt and candid dialogue with physicians and clinicians. They are the ones who know when to consult legal counsel and engage liability carriers and how to advocate for the best defense strategy, whether that involves a trial or early resolution.

Today, healthcare risk managers also have the benefit of a broad network of professional organizations that keep them apprised of important developments, such as upcoming legislation and regulations, and keep them engaged with industry colleagues, who work together to implement strategies to address emerging threats.

At Chubb, we applaud not only the many hats they wear but also the great spirit of collaboration risk managers bring to their role, working closely with senior leadership, clinical areas, and all departments, taking a strategic holistic approach to risk management. While individual hospital risk management teams vary, the common denominator, always, is partnership. They partner with people across their organization -- and with an insurer that has proven expertise in the healthcare sector, that understands the industry’s unique challenges and is ready to work together with providers to overcome these challenges.

Healthcare risk managers are under constant pressure to do more with less. Yet, they continue to be unrelenting in looking ahead … preparing for emerging risks, reducing the chance of loss, all while strengthening patient safety and ensuring quality patient care. Healthcare risk managers everywhere, we thank you … and we salute you this week, and every week.

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