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2019 Chubb Bermuda Liability Limit Benchmarks & Large Loss Profile

Chubb Bermuda’s annual Liability Limit Benchmarks and Large Loss Profile has been developed as a tool to assist in the decision-making process around how much limit is enough.


A Review of the U.S. Punitive Damages Liability Landscape

Chubb Bermuda’s Punitive Damages Liability Landscape Report provides information on the availability and prevalence of punitive damage awards, the insurability of punitive damages in the United States, and the pros and cons of insurance products designed to cover punitive liability.


The Not So Great Debate: Arbitration vs. Litigation

Since the creation of the Bermuda insurance market over 30 years ago, arbitration clauses have been a pillar of Bermuda insurance products — not just as a means to avoid U.S. courts, but for the flexible, friendly, and expedited resolution this alternative dispute resolution affords. Learn more and see the data behind the findings in our report.