2019 Accident & Health Producer Advisory Council Meeting

Welcome to the 2019 Chubb Accident & Health Producer Advisory Council Meeting. We are delighted that you are able to join us for this inaugural meeting.

The agenda we have prepared over the next two days will allow us the opportunity to exchange perspectives and receive feedback on the critical issues facing the Accident & Health market. Your valuable insight will help us to continue creating and delivering the most effective products and services in the insurance marketplace.

Please remember to view your personalized agenda that you received when you checked into the Chubb registration desk so you know which breakout session to attend in addition to your confirmed activity. Additionally, as a thank you for your participation and commitment to our meeting, we hope that you enjoy the leather duffle bag for use during future travels.

Following the conclusion of the program, you will receive a post-meeting survey from James Walloga. Please make sure to fill out that survey so we can continue to enhance future meetings.

Thank you again for your valuable insight and consistent support. We look forward to our time together this week, with each of you, our valued partners.

James Walloga
Chubb Accident & Health