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Free Roadside Assistance

  • Regarding the insurance policy starting after Jan. 1, 2019
Call for roadside support - 0120-320-322 (Toll Free, 24/7)

If you add Bodily Injury Indemnification (BII) coverage, we provide the road services for free. Chubb Insurance offers you free roadside assistance with GPS locator services! We can help you, even if you have car trouble in an unfamiliar location. We will find you with the GPS locator information from your cell phone!

Free Roadside Repair Services (0120-320-322 Toll Free 24/7)

If your insured automobile cannot be driven, temporary repair services may be given free of charge.

  • Flat Tire (spare tire change)
  • Locked Out
  • Jumpstart a battery (free one time during policy period)
  • Tighten a bolt
  • Change of bulbs, fuses, etc.
  • Oil leakage inspection and replenishment
  • Disengage a locked hand break
  • Replenish radiator with water

1. It excludes the following expenses: tire exchange except spare tire, tire repair, battery charging, unlocking for a vehicle with a security device, parts, oil, etc.
This service is free within 30 minutes in case of an automobile emergency.</

Emergency Towing Services (Free within 250km)

If your insured automobile cannot be driven, we will arrange the vehicle be towed to the nearest auto repair shop, etc.

The following charges shall be borne by the policyholder in case of running off, tumbling and the like:
Charges for pulling up or raising up the vehicle i) that takes more than 30 minutes, ii) that requires a crane, or iii) if the vehicle needs to be lifted more than 1meter high.
Charges for pulling up the vehicle from a snowy road or a muddy road not from a car accident or breakdown.

Emergency Fuel Delivery (10 liters of Gasoline)

If your insured automobile runs out of gas, we will deliver 10 liters of gasoline to you free of charge. (Free one time during policy period.)

Long Distance Trouble Support Services

If your insured automobile cannot be driven and you are 100km or more away from your home, Chubb will pay for various incidental expenses.

Cell Phone GPS Locator Services

If you cannot explain your current location to the roadside service dispatcher, please use the "Cell Phone GPS Locator Services". We will be able to specify your exact location if you send us your location information from a GPS equipped cell phone or smartphone.

* This service may not be available to some cell phone models, such as the latest versions. Please turn on your GPS function to use this services.

Enter the QR code or WEB address to access the "Cell Phone GPS Locator Services" website.
Add this page to your bookmark, etc. for your convenience.


Follow the instructions on the screen to send your location information.
(Make sure the GPS function is turned on)


Call the roadside service desk and tell the operator that you have sent the location information.


  • These free services are only available when arranged through the Road Service operator. (When arranged by yourself, the services will not be free of charge.)
  • We provide these services during the policy period.

Please note these services are subject to change without notice.

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