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Thank you for attending the 2015 Commercial Cornerstone conference at Stanbrook Abbey.

We hope you enjoyed the two days and found that they provided benefit across a range of disciplines. As always, thank you for your participation, feedback and ongoing support of this programme.
We will be using this area to post crucial follow-up materials from the conference so please check back regularly or contact Becky on if you require anything further.
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Keynote Speak: Richard Ward
Strategic Dialogue: Jalil Rehman & Jeremy Miles
UK & Ireland Strategic and Cornerstone Updates: Jeremy Miles & Jon Nottingham
Business Unit Updates
Break Out Session 1: Commercial Business in 2016
Break Out Session 2: Campaign Based Marketing Strategies
Break Out Session 3: Cornerstone Proposition
Break Out Session 4: Social Media
Break Out Session 5: Claims Workshop
Video & Photo Gallery
Welcome Pack