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Guidelines for insureds and brokers: Premises operating on a limited basis, temporarily closed or experiencing a change of use as a result of COVID-19

Last update June 2020
  • We will continue to provide continuity of cover from the date of closure for any insured premises that is temporarily closed or operating on a limited basis due to COVID-19 restrictions as a result of the Government guidance.
  • The insureds should:
  1. Continue to take appropriate steps to mitigate the risk of damage whilst the premises are impacted.
  2. Comply with any policy conditions to the best of their ability and to the extent this is reasonably practicable.
  3. Notify their Chubb Underwriter if there is a change of use, if any insured location is requisitioned or the insured volunteers the premises for alternative use during the COVID-19 situation.
  4. Notify their Chubb Underwriter if they do not intend to re-open and premises are to be unoccupied on a permanent or extended period.
  5. Follow our Risk Management Guidelines to the best of their ability:

For more information, please contact your Chubb Underwriter.