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Like most websites, we use cookies. A cookie is a piece of text that a web server can store on the user’s hard drive. Cookies allow websites to store information on the user's computer and to retrieve such information at a later date. They are not programmes and therefore cannot “do” anything on the computer. A website can only retrieve the information that it has placed on the computer. It does not have access to any other cookie files or to any other information on the computer.

For example, the text file or cookie may be an individual identification number that the website assigns to a computer. This identification number is sent to the website if the computer accesses the website again. This is how website operators collate their visitor numbers and statistics.

Why are cookies important for the use of Chubb websites?

1. Cookies enable an individually tailored use of the websites. Some functions on our websites cannot be used without cookies, i.e. logging in or changing settings. Cookies need to be enabled for optimal use of the website.
2. We are unable to monitor visitor numbers for our website without cookies. Security and fraud risks on our site increase without this information, which is something we wish to avoid.
3. Cookies allow us to check how users access and navigate our site. This is very important in order to make the website better and more user friendly.

Please note that cookies can only read the identification number created by the random generator on your computer and can only retrieve information that is directly related to the ACE website. None of the cookies we use can identify you as a person or retrieve information about your activities on other websites. None of the information used by us shall be disclosed to third parties.

These are the cookies that we use:

Google Analytics, a popular web analysis service provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies in order to help us find out how customers use our website. You can find more information about this on the Google Privacy website.

comScore Persistent Cookies. These are cookies that stay on your device after you have visited our website. These cookies help us identify you as an individual user (you are assigned a randomly generated number). In this way, statistics can be collated regarding the number of users of our website.

Session Cookies. These are used to store the information entered by the user whilst navigating from one page of the website to another. A good example is online shopping websites: if these did not use cookies, the website would not be able to remember the item selected until the user decides to make the purchase. Session cookies are deleted as soon as the user closes the browser.

ShareThis Cookies. These allow the user to share site content with others via social networks. Cookies allow this service to function smoothly. We use three different kinds of ShareThis Cookies: "_uset" "_stid" and "_unam".
_uset indicates if a user was allocated cookies. These cookies are automatically deleted after 8 hours at the latest.
_stid associates users with certain topics in which they are interested on the ACE / Chubb website or which they share with others. 
_unam counts the number of individual users who share the content of the ACE / Chubb website with others and the level of website use generated as a result.

Controlling and deleting cookies

Chubb does not use any cookies to collect personal user data. However, if you wish to restrict or block cookies from our or any other website, you can do this using the user settings for your browser.

Version: June 2016