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MasterPackage for Technology Companies is a comprehensive first and third-party policy that caters for the unique insurance needs of this sector. Custom-built for UK technology providers, our market-leading cover protects against the risks of this fast-moving industry better than any other policy available.

Chubb’s dedicated, 18-strong technology team is the largest and most knowledgeable in the market. Their commitment to keeping up to date with the latest technical developments means that every risk is fully understood, ensuring brokers have complete confidence that their client’s policy won’t let them down. 

What does it cover?

The technology package protects clients against:

  • Property damage
  • Business interruption
  • Employers’ liability
  • Public and products liability
  • Professional indemnity and cyber

Whatever a client’s product or service, and whatever stage they’re at in development, our cover fits seamlessly with their risk profile to give them truly comprehensive protection.

Benefits of a dedicated package

One insurer, one policy


Clients can buy MasterPackage for technology companies as stand-alone cover for property, liability or professional indemnity, as well as a combined property and liability policy. But buying a complete package means companies only have to work with one insurer and have a single, easy-to-use policy.

Professional indemnity

The main risk to technology companies is contractual liability from a failure in the product or service they provide. They’re exposed to tangible risks, i.e. those associated with a physical product, and/or intangible risks, i.e. those associated with advice or design, on a third-party basis.

In our experience, over 90% of technology company claims relate to breach of contract. So professional indemnity cover for both tangible and intangible risks is crucial.

Business interruption cover

Innovation through research and development is vital for the success of technology companies, but downtime in operations can result in a significant loss of income and expense. So our business interruption cover protects not only product and service revenue streams, but also research and development expenditure.

Our appetite

We can write policies for a broad range of companies offering technology products and services, including:

  • Software developers
  • Hardware manufacturers
  • Information technology services, such as managed services, data-centre
  • hosting and co-location facilities
  • Internet service providers
  • Defence contractors
  • Health information technology companies
  • Clean technology providers
  • Cloud technology providers
  • Emerging and new technology companies

Why choose Chubb?

Award-winning claims service

Our claims team is consistently recognised as the best in the business. We handle all claims in-house and clients have a single loss adjuster to liaise with throughout the process.

Simple packages

We offer policies on a mono-line or full-package basis, so you get the cover that’s right for you.


Our dedicated, multi-line technology underwriters have over 30 years’ experience in protecting companies against these risks, resulting in our very high client retention rate.

Specialist risk engineers

Chubb’s Technology risk engineers help brokers and the insured identify and mitigate the main physical and legal liability exposures.

Conor Sweetman
Senior Package & Technology Underwriter