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Life sciences

We understand that not all life sciences companies are similar or are created equal. Your passion for improving patients’ lives is what sets your organisation apart. We share in your passion by helping you stay in operation and strengthening your risk management programme.

We offer an integrated solution that protects what’s most important to you:

  • Your employees
  • Your customers
  • Your supply chain
  • Your research
  • Your perishable property
  • Your validated operations

Chubb has many tools and resources to help you identify and prioritise your risks, minimise the likelihood of a loss, and reduce the impact of a loss if it occurs. Understanding the nuances of a life sciences company is a hallmark of Chubb’s value proposition. We have a team of risk engineering professionals who specialise in the Life Science space and can work with you to assess and address your specific risks. For instance:

 - You are committed to patient safety, and the bar is continuously rising. Chubb risk engineering specialists are versed in quality management systems and regulatory requirements and are often able to share best practices when it comes to managing liabilities associated with your products, operations, and associated activities.

 - Even a small fire in your building can result in a whole host of unintended consequences from water, smoke, and more. Putting out the fire is the easy part; the physical recovery and clean-up of validated space and equipment is where the challenge often begins. Our risk engineering specialists can help you evaluate the potential for physical loss and the provision of appropriate fire protection to operational elements such as handling flammable liquids, working with combustible dust and warehouse storage practices.

 - Employee safety is as important as patient or product safety. Chubb risk engineers can provide advice on developing and implementing a variety of work place health and safety solutions that are tailored for the unique needs of your company.

Let our specialised expertise in life sciences work for you. Talk to your broker to learn more about the Chubb difference.